Biwako Hotel, a resort in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture located 10 minutes away from Kyoto



Biwako Valley

Biwako Valley – Adventure Spot with Sky Walker, Biwako Terrace, Activities and Attractions

At Biwako Valley, you can climb to an altitude of 1,100 meters on the fastest ropeway in Japan that stretches 1,783 meters and has an altitude variation of 783 meters. You can even see faraway Osaka from the cabin surrounded 360 degrees by glass. The views of Lake Biwa along the way and from the summit are spectacular. It is also a famous sightseeing spot for daffodils and fall foliage.

Miidera Temple

Miidera Temple – One of Omi’s Eight Views “Evening Bell at Mii”

An old historic temple named the “Temple of the Three Wells”, Miidera is said to have the sacred spring used for the first baths of three emperors – Emperor Tenji, Emperor Tenmu, and Empress Jito. The water can still be heard as it springs up inside the small shrine.

Omi Jingu

Omi Jingu – The Shrine of Guidance founded by Emperor Tenji

The shrine famous for its god of good fortune, protection, academics, culture, and industry enshrines Emperor Tenji who transferred the capital from Asuka (present day Nara) to the land of Omi. Emperor Tenji enacted the Omi Code which formed the foundation of the Constitution of Japan, started the school system, and promoted industrial development by utilizing the latest technology of the time, and is revered as "a god of fortune" and "a god of guidance" for leading the fate of Japan in difficult times.

Enryakuji Temple on Mount Hiei

Enryakuji Temple on Mount Hiei – World Cultural Heritage and Headquarters of the Tendai Sect of Japanese Buddhism

As written in the Hyakunin Isshu by poet and monk Jien, Mount Hiei has been worshiped as the world's greatest mountain. It was registered as a World Heritage in 1994 because the world recognized the rich natural environment with Lake Biwa to the east and Kyoto to the west, and the Eternal Light that has been protected for 1,200 years.

Michigan Cruise

Michigan Cruise – A Lively and Delicious Pleasure Boat Embraced by Japan’s Largest Lake

Michigan, which came into service in 1982, was named in honor of the international goodwill as a sister city alliance was formed between Shiga Prefecture and the state of Michigan of the United States. At a time when it was still rare to experience foreign culture at Lake Biwa, international exchange trainees coming to Japan from Michigan and serving guests in a luxury boat made headlines.

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