How to Enjoy

How to EnjoyHow to Enjoy

Wonderful sights through the telescopes

Wonderful sights through the telescopes

Telescopes on 5F of the Observation Deck of Kyoto Tower are available free of charge.

You can see famous sightseeing spots of Kyoto from 100 meters above the ground.
In addition to the city's historic places, you may be able to see as far as Osaka on a clear day.
Enjoy the sights only available at Kyoto Tower.

Let's use Tourist information manitor!

Touch pannel tourist information manior appearance

The touch panel shows introduction of sightseeing spot and access from observation deck by many language.
You can get these information free of charge using your mobile phone.

Now is the perfect photo opportunity!

The best shot, not available anywhere else

At sunset, a strong orange light covers the City of Kyoto. The buildings with some lights on and the orange light together create a moment of brilliance.
You can take photos of this special moment in Kyoto from the Observation Deck.