Kyoto Tower as a base for sightseeing in Kyoto

Your Kyoto trip starts here.

Every season, Kyoto shows us its tradition and culture fostered during its long history. Kyoto Tower is a landmark standing at the entrance of Kyoto.
Directly connected to the JR lines and the subway via an underground passage, and offering all kinds of transportation, Kyoto Tower is the best starting point for your trip.
Why not go out from here to discover the charms of the ancient city?


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Kyoto Tower as a base for sightseeing in Kyoto

Kyoto Tower as a base for sightseeing in Kyoto

Directly connected to the JR and subway lines through the underground passage, Kyoto Tower boasts good access to all available transportation. From here, you can get to all tourist spots in Kyoto.



One of the most famous temples in Kyoto, established in 798. The main hall with the particularly well-known Stage of Kiyomizu commands a wide view over the city of Kyoto. Registered as a World Heritage Site.



A nationally-designated Historic Site and Place of Scenic Beauty that attracts many tourists. Especially known as the best spot to enjoy cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. The Togetsu-kyo Bridge over the Katsura River that runs through Arashiyama is the symbol of the area.



Boasting a history of 1,300 years, Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine is one of the most sacred places in Kyoto. The road lined with approximately 3,000 torii gates leading to the top of Mt. Torii impresses every visitor with its overwhelming scale.