To Customers with Allergies

The Kyoto Tower Hotel Annex makes every effort to accommodate guests with food allergies so they are able to enjoy our food safely.

Depending on demand, parts of our menu shall be changed to accommodate low-allergy dishes, which do not used any of the Seven Specified Allergenic Ingredients or the Twenty Ingredients related to the Specified Allergenic Ingredients.

Lunch: Please make an advance booking and specify any allergy information.

Party Plans: A member of staff shall make inquiries about allergies when you make your advance booking.

About Allergens

Seven Specified Allergenic Ingredients
Eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, shrimps, and crab.

Twenty Ingredients related to the Specified Allergenic Ingredients
Seafood: Abalones, squid, salmon roe, salmon, and mackerel.
Meat: Beef, chicken, and pork.
Fruit: Oranges, kiwifruits, bananas, peaches, and apples.
Other: Gelatin, walnuts, soya beans, matsutake mushrooms, yams, cashew nuts, and sesame seeds.

Points to Remember with regard to our Food Allergy Measures

1. We verify the allergy information of our ingredients based on the data provided by the food manufacturers.

2. Allergen-free dishes are prepared in the same kitchen and with the same appliances used for regular dishes. All dishes are also washed in a common dishwasher. Therefore, it may be possible for tiny amounts of allergens to be included in allergen-free dishes during the cooking process.

3. Please note that, due to the reasons stated above, we are unable to guarantee all our dishes to be 100% allergen-free.
Also, in order to ensure the safety of our guests, we may have no other option but to refuse to serve guests with serious allergic reactions.

4. At the time of placing their order, guests are requested to take responsibility for making their final decision with regard to our food by carefully reading the information provided above.