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Check in - out 15:00 -12:00

Kimono Rentals - Travel Kyoto in a Kimono


Kimono Rentals - Travel Kyoto in a Kimono

Kimono staff will visit your guest room to help you put on a kimono.
The kimono culture has long been an integral part of Kyoto as kimonos have been worn for functions and traditional events. Try on a traditional kimono and walk the streets of Kyoto.

Experience overview

Staff help you dress into a kimono in your guest room.
Kimonos can be returned at the hotel, so you can leave them in your room or request pick-up by staff.

  1. Komon/Nagoya Obi 10,450 yen
    Semi-formal kimono for sightseeing, strolling the streets, and restaurant dining
    Included in the price: Komon (kimono), Nagoya obi (sash), kimono accessories, zori (straw) bag, dressing
    Time required: About 30 to 60 minutes

  2. Homongi from 19,250 yen
    Recommended for formal occasions, such as tea and parties; with a matching sash
    Included in the price: Homongi (kimono), iromuji (plain color kimono), fukuro-obi (sash), kimono accessories, zori (straw) bag, dressing
    ■Time required: About 30 to 60 minutes

  3. Yukata (July and August only) from 8,800 yen
    Casual summer wear
    Included in the price:Yukata, half-width obi, geta, drawstring purse, dressing
    Options: Hair styling from 2,000 yen, Haori (for women) Shawl rental 3,300 yen
    ■Time required: About 30 to 60 minutes

Cancellation fees: 20% one day before the booked date, 100% on the day

*Please consult for kimonos and yukatas for men and junior high school age guests and under as well as furisode (long-sleeved kimonos for special occasions).
*If there is excessive soiling (e.g., large wine stain) or damage during rental, depending on the condition of the item, you may be asked to pay the amount for restoration.
*Photos are displayed for illustrative purposes.

This activity is only available in Japanese, but arrangements for an interpreter (separate fee required) can be requested from the concierge.
However, whether or not an interpreter can be reserved depends on the availability of interpreters.
Please inquire with the concierge first.

Reservation is required at least 2 days in advance.