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Check in - out 15:00 -12:00

Our corporate logo is the infinity symbol (∞) with an extra loop,
denoting the number ‘1000’ and embodying our desire to offer
millennial, infinity-inspired service and comfort.
The three rings firmly link people, society, and the future
as we provide hotel stays foreseeing the coming one thousand years.

Our Actions

Keeping the culture and traditions of Kyoto alive

  • Holding activities that connect guests with the local culture through our OKUTRIP KYOTO program for encountering the deep culture of Kyoto
  • Hosting THE THOUSAND SALON where guests can learn various topics related to the wisdom and aesthetics of Kyoto
  • Conducting art tours of the works of contemporary artists exhibited at our hotel
  • Participating in the hollyhock regeneration program to revitalize the hollyhock forest (Aoi no Mori) at Kamigamo Shrine, in response to the drastic drop in the number of two-leaf hollyhock (futaba aoi), which are used in the Hollyhock Festival (Aoi Matsuri), one of the three main festivals in Kyoto; raising hollyhocks at the hotel for dedication to the Kamigamo Shrine

Initiatives with the Local Community

  • Participating in regular clean-up activities twice a month with the Kyoto Station Area Beautification Association (since 2013)
  • Joint product development with Tamba Wine, a winery in Kyoto prefecture
  • Conducting experience-based tours in collaboration with Rakuhoku’s Miyama Town registered as a Best Tourism Village
  • Engaging in urban beekeeping on the rooftop; commercializing the collected honey starting in 2022
  • Participating in kikutanigiku (Chrysanthemum seticuspe) reforestation, a planting project in the Higashiyama area

Reducing and effectively using food and resources

  • Purchasing imperfect yet delicious produce from local contracted farmers for use at our restaurant
  • Offering Zero Meat Stroganoff using soy meat
  • Developing curry using imperfect onions from Awaji Island for sale at our hotel and online
  • Promoting the 3010 no-food-loss project at banquets to eliminate leftovers
  • Promoting eco-friendly cleaning for consecutive nights to reduce environmental load

Providing safe and secure food

  • Furnishing each kitchen with equipment designed for managing ingredients hygienically and efficiently and implementing expiration date patrols attended by observers
  • Holding regular food hygiene seminars and formulating measures for handling food-related accidents
  • Setting up a quality control office to check for appropriate menu notations and take-out food labels by verifying them with factual evidence
  • Offering menus that use traceable, environmentally friendly ingredients, such as Okasodachi (land-based aquaculture) Salmon
  • Making it mandatory for employees in food-related departments to acquire certifications for Food Safety and Food Labeling and offering study sessions and other support (from 2021)

Safe and secure business operations

  • Becoming the first in Japan to achieve 3 Gyoiko-zakuras with the Sakura Quality An ESG Practice certification, which serves as an indicator of sustainable activities in the environment, society, and management
  • Acquiring the Sakura Quality A Clean Practice certification, which evaluates the quality of measures against infectious diseases
    *THE THOUSAND KYOTO received 4 Sakuras in 2019 under the Sakura Quality certification, which evaluates the quality of tourism services
  • Implementing training to deepen employees’ understanding of SDGs and sustainability
  • Acquiring the Japan Tourism Agency’s Barrier-Free Mindset certification

Efforts to reduce CO2 and eliminate plastics

  • Collaborating with Tiger Corporation to participate as a collection site for Kyoto City’s first collection and recycling of used stainless steel bottles; contributing to the reduction of plastic (PET) bottles by lending out stainless-steel bottles manufactured with consideration for human rights, health, and the environment
  • Introducing rental bicycles to promote carbon-free sightseeing
  • Reviewing plastic amenities in guest rooms
  • Gradually replacing plastic products at each restaurant

Initiatives for disaster prevention

  • Forming a fire brigade with Kyoto Century Hotel, our sister hotel; participating together in the Shimogyo Private Firefighting Training Competition sponsored by the Shimogyo Fire Department every year since the opening of THE THOUSAND KYOTO; received the Chairman’s Special Award in 2019
  • In 2022, commended with the Kyoto Century Hotel by the Shimogyo Fire Department as businesses that fully recognize the importance of fire and disaster prevention and have made efforts to enhance and strengthen voluntary fire prevention management

Employee programs

  • Actively promoting diversity, such as promoting active participation of women in the workplace, childcare support, and telework; becoming the first lodging business in Kyoto to receive the Kurumin certificate as a company that supports childrearing; selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a New Diversity Management Selection 100 (2019) company
  • Performing an annual stress check; preventing mental health problems (early detection) by implementing measures according to each person’s situation and improving the work environment; preparing for disasters by introducing the employee safety confirmation email system allowing managers to confirm the safety of employees and conducting regular drills
  • Launching the 2021 ES Improvement Project; operating communication tools and implementing Meat-free Monday for our hotel
  • Launching the Clean & Safety Project in which employees themselves clean and inspect public areas
  • Holding the in-house Sustainable Menu Contest in 2022