Amenity and Pillow Bar for Customizing Your Stay

So that you can customize your stay, we have kept the fittings in your room simple and offer an Amenity and Pillow Bar at the first-floor lobby. 15 to 20 amenities have been carefully selected by hotel staff from the guest’s perspective to meet various needs for each season. For instance, to help you sleep well, you can choose a pillow with the perfect hardness and filling. How would you like to create hotel comfort just for yourself?


  • Assorted Combs and Hair Brushes

    We offer fine combs of various widths and hair brushes to fit your needs.

  • Hair Ties and Clips to Choose From

    We have hair ties and clips in multiple colors and varieties. Please choose your favorite.

  • Convenient Travel Skin Care

    Travel hands-free as we have cleansing oil, skin lotion, emulsion, and other cosmetics at the hotel.

  • Body Towels and Showerballs

    We have body towels in an assortment of colors along with showerballs.

  • Facial Mask Sheets of Your Choice

    Heal travel fatigue and relax in luxury as you indulge in special skin care with an aroma of your choice. (*Items vary daily.)

  • Heal Fatigue with Body Salt

    After sightseeing, refresh travel-weary feet with a body salt massage. Also remove keratin to achieve soft, smooth skin.

  • Razors (with Cream) and Lotion

    We provide triple-blade razors and gentle aftershave lotion.

  • Drinks

    Enjoy coffee, tea, and other favorites in the cups provided in your room.

  • Children’s Amenity Set

    Children receive a complimentary set of amenities (small handkerchief towel, toothbrush set, and slippers).



    The gel memory foam developed for deep, comfortable sleep fits any sleep position and breathes well for dryness.


    The MEMORELLE cotton used inside feels like memory foam and provides flexibility and comfort. The pillow supports your head and neck without sinking with a change in temperature.


    This pillow is perfect for guests struggling with shoulder stiffness, neck pains, and snoring. Support a natural sleeping posture by resting your neck on the narrow, stiff portion and your head on the wide, soft area. Also good for children, small or trim guests, and guests who prefer low pillows.


    The elastic SOLOTEX® stuffing boasts a softness that surpasses cashmere and wool and provides refreshing, comfortable sleep. It is recommended for guests looking for a relatively low pillow.


    Here is the standard TEMPUR® neck pillow that made a name for itself with its distinctive form. The voluminous wave gently fits and supports your head to neck.


    Here is a uniquely shaped pillow developed so that you can breathe easily while alleviating pressure on your neck and back even when sleeping face down. The pillow lifts your upper body and reduces strains on your neck and back to straighten your posture.


    Instead of an uneven pillow surface, the pressure continuously changes within the air fiber, so that your head and neck are supported at the ideal height when sleeping on your side, the most common sleep position.


    Here is a pillow that supports your head.
    The U-shaped core allows you to adjust the height where your neck rests regardless of the hardness of the bed and shape of your body.

*All photos are for illustrative purposes.
*Contents may change depending on the situation.
*Items show just one sample.
*Limited stock is available for pillows.