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Regarding the Kyoto City Accommodation Tax

Personal Items

To ensure a comfortable stay, we pay careful attention to the quality of each and every item offered to our guests.

Shampoo & conditioner

Kyoto Century Hotel offers the POLA in-bath series, all items containing fresh royal jelly and olive oil.

The shampoo, with its rich lather and soft texture, moisturizes your hair and makes it smoother.
The silky-touch conditioner spreads well, and its two moisturizing ingredients penetrate into the hair, removing dryness and bringing about a shiny finish.

Please try the "natural series" to make your hair more healthy and pure.

All Rooms

  • Shampoo & Conditioner

    Body Soap

  • Towel slippers


  • Ionic hair dryer

    Ionic hair dryer

  • Nightwear


Hairbrush, cotton swab, towels, hair dryer, shoe shine cloth

“handy” is a smartphone exclusively provided to staying guests that provides free and unlimited international and domestic calls and internet data communications. Of course, you can also take it with you on your outings. It is a new communication tool that connects the hotel with guests to boost comfort throughout the hotel experience. Connect directly to any hotel service at anytime from anywhere, and receive the latest Kyoto news. We provide services that go beyond the typical hotel experience.
*Free international calls to 7 countries: Australia, USA, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan,and Japan.
and more...

Rental Items

[Bedding] Buckwheat pillow / blanket
[Electric appliances] Trouser press, hot brush, desk lamp, DVD player (playback only, ¥1,050 per night)
[Medicines/medical devices] Officinal drugs, thermometer, water pillow, blood pressure monitor, bathroom scale
[Stationery] Writing utensils, calculator, scissors
[Cosmetics] Grooming set (hair tonic, hair styling liquid, aftershave), hair mousse, hair spray, shaving cream, cleansing cream, skin lotion, milky lotion, polish remover, nail clippers,
[Items for children] Yukata (light cotton kimono), slippers, baby bed, baby bottle washer
[Others] Vase, humidifier, game of go, shogi (Japanese chess), playing cards