Kyo-Premium Room

Area 30m2

sqft 322

1 psn
1 rooms

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Room Overview Room Overview

A room that fits the feel of Kyoto through incorporating floor-sitting, a characteristic aspect of Japanese culture. Right near the entrance, there’s a bath area reminiscent of a garden street, featuring a dirt-flooring style design. Moving past that, the guests will take off the shoes and step up to relax in a spacious living room area featuring Japanese-made natural wooden strip flooring and tatami mattress. Furniture such as the bed is set low to the ground, lowering the center of gravity of the room. The result is the uniquely relaxing atmosphere of Japanese construction.



Bed width


Bed length 200cm

Sleep well on sheets created with an uncompromising pursuit of comfort.


Room Amenities Room Amenities

Organic Imabari Towel "Ikeuchi Organic"

Since towels directly touch our guests' skin, they must be, above all, safe and comfortable.
While ensuring this, we selected pesticide-free, Fairtrade cotton towels that were manufactured using eco-friendly,
wind-generated power. We offer you "warm" towels made with care and affection.

Bird Friendly® organic drip coffee from local Kyoto coffee shop Ogawa Coffee

Just like with towels, we focus on being eco-friendly in offering heart-warming,
memorable and flavorful drinks to our guests. This is why we selected the Bird Friendly® organic drip coffee from
the local coffee shop Ogawa Coffee in Kyoto.

Our bathrooms boast higher functionality and better usability.
The shower booth and basin are separated so that our guests can use them with a high level of privacy.
Excellent design is also our priority. The basin, produced by the Italian company Catalano with close attention to detail,
has received numerous design awards. The bathtub with a smooth touch is from the German company Kaldewei.
We hope you enjoy the warmth of the porcelain and vitreous enamel.

We selected the bedding with special care so as to provide our guests with the ultimate sleep experience.
The mattress is the Golden Value Pillow Top produced by Simmons, the world’s leading bedding company
in the United States,makers of high-quality products.
Each pocketed coil supports and conforms naturally to your body,
in accordance with your weight and shape.
The duvet comprises 90% new white duck down, and 10% small feathers. It is soft and smooth to the touch,
and boasts a pleasant springiness.
These carefully selected items provide you with a comfortable sleep.

40inch TV (satellite broadcasting in foreign languages available)
・Phoenix Satellite Television

Air conditioner, refrigerator (no items contained), toilet with bidet functions, ionic hair dryer, electric kettle, Internet access (free Wi-Fi), mirror with LED lights, jewelry box, humidifying air cleaner

Towels (bath towel, face towel, hand towel), shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face soap, cotton swab, shaver, toothbrush, hair brush, slippers, nightwear, yukata (light cotton kimono), bath powder

High quality bath amenities made by POLA will moisturize your hair and make it smoother. Seasonal bath powders are also available.

Internet access

[Wi-Fi available in all guest rooms] We offer free rental modems for wired LAN access at the Front Desk.