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Notice of Construction & Regarding the Kyoto City Accommodation Tax

Free Wi-Fi service is now available at Kyoto Century Hotel.

If you bring a PC with a built-in wireless LAN adaptor, a smartphone or a tablet device,
you can enjoy free Internet access in all guest rooms from the 3F to the 10F, and in the lobby on the 2F.
Wired LAN access (with a rental modem) is also available in guest rooms.

[Compatible devices]
  • PC with LAN/wireless LAN (Wi-Fi certified) adaptor
  • PC with Microsoft Windows XP (or higher) or Mac OS X (or higher)
  • iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) enabled for wireless LAN (Wi-Fi certified)
  • Android devices (smartphones, tablet PCs, etc.) enabled for wireless LAN (Wi-Fi certified)
[Service areas in the hotel]
  • All guest rooms from the 3F to the 10F (Wired LAN/Wi-Fi)/li>
  • Lobby on the 2F (Wi-Fi)
  • * Free Wi-Fi is not available in the parking areas, banquet rooms on the B1F, 1F and 3F, banquet lobby on the 1F, and the chapel on the 3F.
[How to use]
  • 1. Select a network with your device.
    * If it is not detected automatically, turn on your Wi-Fi settings.
  • 2. Select the network beginning with "Century H" on the setting screen.
  • 3. The connection is now established. Please use our network freely.
    * You may be disconnected from the network if you move to a different location while connected.

[Points to note]

  • If you bring a PC with a built-in wireless LAN adaptor, a smartphone or a tablet device, you can enjoy free Internet access in guest rooms.
  • We offer wireless LAN connection service as part of additional services for our guests. However, we cannot completely guarantee the availability of the Internet environment.
  • While we offer a constant connection environment, there may be cases where transmission speed can decrease or a connection cannot be established due to your connection environment or Internet congestion.
  • The hotel does not provide any support for the environment of a guest’s PC or other communication devices, and their settings.
  • Please assume responsibility for providing security protection and management for your PC or other communication devices.
  • The hotel will bear no responsibility for virus infection incurred by your own operation, communication being intercepted, information leakage or loss, unauthorized access, impersonation, malfunction of your device, or other damage.
  • Please refrain from transmission of large-volume data, prolonged and continuous use, connection that affects the system, and illegal behavior. If we discover such acts, we may disconnect your device from our system without notice.
  • For security reasons, we do not respond to inquiries regarding information of the systems (including IP addresses).
  • The system may be suspended without notice due to malfunction of communication equipment, communication lines, the provider, etc.